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       Hello guys,  I want to tell you about an upcoming experience of a lifetime. On September 10th I will be attending my first ever Nascar race at Richmond International Raceway for the final race in the Regular Season of the 2016 Nascar Sprint Cup Series. This race is the last race before the chase it all comes down to this race if you win you’re in for several teams this is the last chance to try to get into the chase. So tempers will be on the rise as they fight their way into the chase and I get to experience it all this upcoming Saturday night.

    Not only am I attending this race a really awesome & Special opportunity has come to me. I will be attending this race with two hot passes this gives me access to Pit Road and the Garage areas for the race. I can not wait to meet my Racing Family without them this all would not be possible and I can’t think them enough,they have no idea how much I truly appreciate them giving me this opportunity that I thought I would never have. If you are reading this you know who you are and words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you in my life and for what you have done for me I will never forget it.

    I can not wait to meet my favorite Nascar Driver Jeffrey Earnhardt it will be a dream come true to be sure. I am really excited to meet him and so nervous at the same time. I am going to be so shy , my words are going to sound like gibberish. It is definitely going to be a whole new experience and I am super excited.

    I will post Pictures on Social Media I will link my Racing Photography information below so you can follow my experience at my first ever Nascar Race. I will post another Blog Post sometime next week to share the experience I had. So Stay tuned & watch for my Nascar experience Blog.

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